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Chapter 1 of the Constitution of Ukraine has the name General Principles (or General Provisions). The first Article of the Constitution of Ukraine is the following:

Article 1. Ukraine is the sovereign and independent, democratic, social and law-governed state.

Taking into consideration what is going on in our country, especially during last few years (but the worst, of course, are the past two-three months), I’ve decided to write about constitutional rights violations of every Ukrainian citizen in order for other people abroad know the real state of affairs in our country. I’ll write a separate post for every article violation. Lets start from terms, used in this Article 1 (I write here the translation of definitions from Ukrainian dictionaries and in brackets is given the definition from English dictionaries for better understanding of terms).

Sovereign – performing supremacy (acting or done independently and without outside interference).

Independent – self-governing in international relations and internal affairs (free from outside control; not subject to another’s authority).

Democratic – founded on the principles of democracy (relating to or supporting democracy or its principles).

Social – relating to society or its organization.

Law-governed state – state, where everything is done in accordance with the law.

As we can see in the first definition, there is written such phrase – without outside interference. And it is not a secret, that even this first term is violated in our country. Everyone who lives here still remember, how Russian politics influenced and still try and influence the situation in Ukraine. It’s not a secret that Russian Federation uses gas as a means of influence on our country. But, actually, this is their resource, so they have the right to do so, but why not than to behave concerning all countries (and European) in the same way? Why Germany and other countries pay for gas less!!! than Ukraine pays?! Why the so called Slavonic brother (in the personification of Russian Federation) treats Ukraine so bad? Why country, which is nearer to the border pays more than those, who are far away? Why this gas, the real cost price of which is a hundred times less that it is being sold, is sold so expensive? Why people living here, in Ukraine, have to pay more than Europeans if the salary here is usually 10 or 40 times smaller than in Europe?! How that can be?! Here people have to give everything they earned during the month just to pay for gas! How the Member of Parliament of Russia can give advices what to do here, in Ukraine. How the Member of Parliament of Russia can say that our Minister of Ukraine (Tabachnyk, who tries to destroy the very Ukrainian nation)  does right, defending Russian language in Ukraine, completely ignoring the national language, which soon will be killed by such Minister of Education?! Why even politicians say that our Minister of Education, against of whom is the whole nation, is payed by Russian Federation and that he is the “quota of Moscow”, cause he defends only interest of Russia? This is the direct violation of my constitutional rights! And not only of the first Article! How our country can be independent if every action of our government is coordinated with Moscow and if our government acts only in their own interests and interests of Moscow? How our country can be democratic if our Members of Parliament disregard the will of people. And we, people, employ those Members of Parliament not to steal our money, but to work for us, and they receive enough money for that. But for them it is not enough and they want to sell the whole country! How their politics relate to the society? It only relates their families, which posses 95% of the whole country’s wealth. How a Member of Parliament, e.g. I voted for, can change his political views and work with other political party, if I voted not for these political views? In this case he/she has to leave the Parliament, cause this also violates my constitutional rights! In what way our country is law-governed, if most judges are criminals?! Just a few days ago there were cases concerning 5 judges, who demanded a huge sums of money for their judge’s decision, who even were caught stealing car, were accused in sexual harassment and many other crimes?! How those people can protect us? And how about the policeman who told to the car driver that he hates the driver’s language (National Language!) and tell that our national language is a language of “calfs”?! (direct offense). And after that the representatives of some Russian political parties told that they need such people (I mean the policemen)! What a disregard, disrespect, scorn and humiliation of Ukraine and it’s people!

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